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Important: To keep costs low shipping does not include insurance or tracking. To do this would greatly increase the costs. Our experience is that international shipping is very reliable however if requested insurance and tracking can be added to most shipments at additional cost.

If you wish to make a bulk order, please contact us before ordering to obtain pricing and shipping.

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PayPal has proved extremely reliable, however in the event that you have placed an order and had no response within 2 days, please send an email outlining your order to the kits email address shown on the Contacts page.


KIT 1 MST PCB Original blank MST PCB only - no components. $15 No Stock - Due Mid Feb
KIT 2 MST2 20M Complete kit containing PCB and all on-board components. Does not include case or controls. $80
KIT 3 MST2 40M Complete kit containing PCB and all on-board components. Does not include case or controls. $80
KIT 4 MST2 80M Complete kit containing PCB and all on-board components. Does not include case or controls. $80
KIT 5 DDS VFO Complete kit containing PCB with the DDS chip pre-soldered, programmed microcontroller, LCD with backlight, plus all other on-board components including hardware. $65
KIT 6 LED S METER Complete kit containing PCB and all on-board components including programmed microcontroller. $28
KIT 7 MST2 SMD IC solder Soldering SMD ICs to MST2 PCB. $5